Saturday, January 14, 2017

From Crinolines to Pearls

Allie Tuck was my second great grandmother and was born in Big Rock, Tennessee in 1873 to William and Mariah Hester Tuck. Allie had four brothers ( William, Charles, Mackey, Hillery) and three sisters ( Mary, Bettie, Daily).

 In this photograph, Allie is standing in the middle, her sister Daily is on the left, and her brother Mackey is on the right. She and her sister wore crinolines or hoop skirts under their skirts to make them appear  fuller.  
When Allie Tuck was 18 years old, she married Woodson Ellis on November 10, 1891 in Stewart County, Tennessee. Together, my second great grandparents, had six children ( Lottie, Vassie, Carl, Hilary, Hettie Mae, Princess Irene,  Wilton). Unfortunately, Allie died of cancer in 1908 in Tennessee. Although, she did not live to see her offspring grow into adults, Allie left them with a lasting legacy of love, family, and helping others through missions.

Reflecting on the characteristics and attributes of Allie’s daughters and granddaughters, you can get a better picture of who she was. My great grandmother, Princess and her daughter, Ellistine were wonderful mothers to their children, gave of themselves to others, loved their family, and were both on the missionary society at church. Filled with love, compassion for others, and hearts of gold, my grandmother and great grandmother, reflected the heart of their grandmother and mother.

Furthermore, pearls are a timeless piece of jewelry worn by not only my female ancestors, but many others. Pearls are the embodiment of years of suffering and hardship. My ancestor’s lives and thousands of others who came to this country were wrought with hardships, disappointments, failures, and sadness but, as the pearl, they endured, developing into precious jewels of great value. Whenever I wear pearls, I am reminded of the legacy that the women who came before me left. I wear my pearls as a badge of honor and respect in remembrance of the strength, courage, kindness, and sacrificial love my ancestors represent.