Friday, February 24, 2017

Law and Order of a Matriarch

Have you ever been in a courtroom with a judge that delivers his/ her verdict with a resounding bang on the desk with a gavel? That’s how I think of my great aunt, Marilyn Cheatham-Darby. Not only was she the matriarch of my family, but she was also a counselor, advisor, comedian, and Get-The-Job done person. She definitely took care of business. As a child, every summer was spent in California with Auntie and her family. We would have so much fun laughing, going places, and just enjoying family. Auntie Marilyn was like the family switchboard lady at the telephone company. She had every family member’s number and kept in contact with them. She also introduced us to relatives that we had not known.
She was definitely the glue that held our family together.


  1. That's so true Camille.. what I'd do for a few minutes more.. I love and miss her so much.. thank you Camille

  2. I love you Auntie. She could read anyone and didn't take no shit!